Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have long been a symbol of union between two people. They signify promises made by the couple to stay faithful, loyal, and to honor the commitment of marriage as long as they live.

Dating back to ancient Egypt, wedding rings were once fashioned from reeds, braided grass, leather, bone, and ivory. Today, wedding rings range from inexpensive, plain gold bands to intricate settings studded with gems. If your fiancée is not into fancy jewelry, but prefers a chic and sleek piece to display your love and commitment, a simple wedding ring is the best choice.

While women have always worn wedding rings, men only began to sport these pieces of jewelry after World War II. Some of the most popular forms of wedding rings for men come in titanium, platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. The designs range from Celtic, Antique, Milgrain, and satin finished rings.

While most couples will select wedding rings that match their engagement rings, this is not a widespread trend. Traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, many brides move their engagement ring to their right hand and wear their wedding ring on their left. Quite a few couples wear similarly styled wedding rings, also commonly known as double wedding rings, created in different metals.

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