It is always important to be aware of the time. No matter where you are, you usually want to know what time of day. Watches have long informed you about the time for your appointment, date, or meeting and travel schedule. Apart from serving as a timepiece however, modern watches have become fashion accessories, sports wear, icons of identity and corporate gifts.

A watch can be defined as any equipment that displays time and even date in some cases, worn or carried on the body. They are usually worn on wrists with the help of straps made of nylon, metal, leather, or plastic. Some watches today come with additional features like display of direction, temperature indicator, multiple time display, timers and stopwatch, moon phases, and calculators. Types of watches include wristwatches and pocket watches, in either digital or analog format.

Selecting a watch depends on your individual type of usage and is a matter of personal choice. If you need a watch to wear to work everyday, select something that has a corporate feel and looks elegant. A trendy, bulky watch is more apt for people who are adventurous and love sports.

Women's watches are usually smaller in size, with thinner bands, and are available in simple metal or encrusted with gemstones.

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