Amongst the earliest forms of jewelry ever developed and worn, earrings are still essential women's accessories. Since earrings are worn close to the face, they beautifully accentuate feminine features – the earlobes, delicate jaw and hairline, and neck – while easily accompanying any outfit or occasion.

Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges, earrings offer several formal and informal design options. There are, however, four basic styles of earrings – studs, hoops, dangles, and colored gemstones. Diamond and pearl studs in solitaire, star, flower, and other designs are small, classy, easy-to-wear earrings that suit both formal and informal occasions. Hoops are round circle earrings available in various sizes and designs.

Fashionable hoops come encrusted with gemstones and embellished texture designs dotted with precious metals. Reversible, hug-type hoops that transform from yellow to platinum to white gold are the latest trend.

Dangles are short or low-hanging earrings and can either be dainty gemstone drops strung on wire, or long, multi-strand designs. Colored gemstone earrings like citrine, pink and green tourmaline, blue topaz and amethyst are an all time favorite accessory among many women.

Classic and versatile, earrings make a beautiful edition to any outfit and jewelry collection.

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