Brooches & Pins

Pins, though small, can make a remarkable statement when adorning your attire. Brooches and pins are attractive, ornamental objects that you can wear on jacket lapels or accentuating the shoulders of your dress. Diamonds and other gems adorn this jewelry, enhancing its overall beauty.

Fashion conscious women often use pins and brooches as a mark of their style. With a wide variety to choose from, there are brooches and pins to suit every woman's taste. Scatter pins, used very extensively in earlier times, are the most artistic in design. A group of small pins craftily placed on the jacket, these scatter designs give a better look to you and your attire.

Selecting brooches and pins is often easier than choosing necklaces or earrings, as size is not that important. You can place two pins of different sizes decoratively on your clothes. Feather pins, bow pins, and arrow pins are among the famous fabrications of jewelry designers [Famous Jewelry Designers]. Some elegant and attractive designs include that of birds, butterflies, and flowers.

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