A bracelet is an article of clothing or jewelry that adorns the wrist area. They are versatile, decorative pieces, popular as fashion accessories and as means of identification- in the form of hospital bracelets and medical identification tags.

Styles of bracelets can vary dramatically, from elegant, high fashion pieces dripping with precious gems, to subtle bracelets made of plain gold and silver. Considered one of the most romantic and elegant pieces of jewelry, bracelets always complement your wardrobe and draw attention to your attire.

Bracelets come in many different types, styles, and materials including gold, silver, rubber, copper, titanium, platinum, beads, gemstones and even gel. These flexible pieces of jewelry drape softly around the wrist and can be either well fitting or loose. If you're looking to purchase a loose fitting bracelet you will want to look for styles without clasps. If you're looking for a well-fitting bracelet, choose a style with a clasp that is sized specifically for your wrist. Generally, bracelets with clasps are more elegant and more expensive than those without. This type of accessory is ideal for men, women and children looking to spice up their everyday style with a little bit of jewelry.

A slender, rigid circlet, which floats along the wrist as the wearer moves her arm is known as bangle. A cuff is a wide, rigid bracelet that may take the form of a circlet with a hinged opening. Mesh, chain link, and free-form floral bracelets are among the many other types of bracelet designs. They often consist of flexible, circular mesh that terminates in decorated ends.

Crossover design bracelets sometimes continue all the way around your wrist to form another coil, creating a double or triple bracelet look. Flexible bracelets may close with an over-lapping clasp that is integrated into the overall design of the piece. A bracelet can also be custom designed to suit your personal preferences. This will often cost more money but is worth the cost in the end.

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