Another captivating alternative to diamonds, sapphires are alluring and mysterious, finding their way into the collections of both royalty and movie stars. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana an engagement ring encrusted with beautiful, blue sapphires.

The sapphire is a form of transparent blue corundum, belonging to the same family as the ruby. Like rubies, sapphires can also display a six-pointed star, known as "asterism." This star is visible when a jeweler cuts the stone into a rounded-top cabochon and exposes the gem to sunlight. While most star sapphires are native to Sri Lanka, other enchanting varieties come from Kashmir and the United States.

Sapphire jewelry is timeless and fascinating. Sapphires come mounted in finger rings, bracelets, pendants, body jewelry and other items adorning men and women throughout the ages. The favorite of royalty, this gemstone reportedly contains metaphysical powers, revered as a symbol of sincerity, steadfastness and truth. The value of a sapphire is dependant upon its color, impurities and carat weight.

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