Birthstone Jewelry

Since ancient times, people have associated each of the twelve zodiac signs and months with special, individual birthstones. Birthstones fall under various categories like modern, traditional, mystical and ayurvedic. Depending on the calendar you use or your country of origin, your birthstone may vary providing a wealth of choices in birthstone jewelry selection.

People still enjoy the folklore and magic associated with the tradition of birthstone jewelry. Most believe that wearing a birthstone in any form brings good luck and wards off bad luck. The power of the stone is said to increase during the month it represents. If you are interested in the metaphysical benefits of these special stones, it is advisable to get a whole set of 12 birthstones and cycle them throughout the year.

The traditional list of birthstones associates a gem with each sign of the zodiac based on color. The color was believed to unleash the power inherent in the stone. Over time, birthstones changed focus to the calendar months rather than the zodiac. The color of the stone became the primary focus, not necessarily the stone itself. This gave people an opportunity to select alternate birthstones or birthstones with similar attributes in alternate colors.

When you combine birthstone lists, each month of the year is associated with many birthstones. Most birthstone lists are a combination of modern birthstones as designated by the American National Association of Jewelers, now the Jewelers of America, in 1912 and the traditional birthstones dating back to the 15th century.

A compilation of birthstone lists designate the garnet, emerald and rose quartz as the birthstones for January. If you are born in February, the amethyst, bloodstone, onyx, or moonstone is your birthstone. March babies should choose birthstone jewelry in either aquamarine, jade, or bloodstone.

Classic diamonds, along with opal and white sapphire are the birthstones for April. Emerald, sapphire, agate, chrysoprase and beryl birthstone jewelry should be worn by those celebrating a May birthday.

Be sure to wear pearl, moonstone, alexandrite, or opal jewelry in June, while ruby and carnelian are the birthstones for July. August birthstones include peridot, sardonyx and jade and September birthstones include sapphire, agate, lapis lazuli and chrysolite.

October is the month of opal, tourmaline, jasper, zircon and aquamarine. In November, the yellow topaz, citrine, or pearl rule the month. Those born in the last month of the year, December, should wear turquoise, zircon, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, or pink tourmaline birthstone jewelry.

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