A gemstone is a naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral; whether carbon, silicon, corundum, or one of a variety of other minerals. When the minerals covering the earth's crust bond together, they create another diverse variety of gemstones.

There are more than 30 gemstones that capture the heart of the public. There are many more rare gemstones that attract true collectors. Anyone attracted to precious stones is sure to find a favorite- the variety of gemstones almost guarantees it!

There is a stone for every color of the rainbow offering a never-ending choice in gemstone jewelry. Colored diamonds and the different types of rubies are dazzling and radiant, but a sparkling peridot or a clear blue turquoise can be equally striking.

This section of JewelryMarketplace offers an overview of some of the most popular stones, both precious and semi-precious. You will also find information about grading, treated stones, synthetic stones, fake gemstone names, and birthstones. The buying tips pages offer a list of points to consider and things to watch for when purchasing gemstones. The care pages explain how to properly care for your gemstones to keep them perfect and sparkling for years to come.

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