Antique Jewelry

To be considered antique, jewelry must be at least 100 years old. In the modern marketplace, however, the word antique can refer more broadly to jewelry fashioned as recently as 50 years ago. This jewelry can come from the Gregorian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, the art and crafts movement, art deco, art nouveau and retro periods.

Highly prized collector's items today, antique jewelry encompasses varied design styles significant to different periods. Jewelry from the Victorian era displays romantic and sentimental designs, embellished with hearts, flowers, crown, and bow motifs. Art nouveau jewelry is feminine and curvaceous, produced in a time when design was more important than the material.

The dog collar or choker necklace was popular during the Edwardian era. Bright, dazzling gemstones were the hallmark of jewelry from the art deco period. Antique pins comprised of precious metals and gemstone motifs were a popular jewelry accessory that people wore on jackets, shirts and collars and with beautiful scarves.

The design of antique jewelry is evocative of times gone by making it an inspiring and wonderful gift.

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