Jewelry by Style

For every taste and style of attire, there is a style of jewelry to match or complement. Each age or decade creates its own style of jewelry which becomes a hallmark of that period. Every designer creates a certain look and feel in their jewelry, creating yet another style loved and worn by many.

A style may arise from a hobby or a culture. A simple ring that looks like a cat curled around your finger may spawn a lifetime of cat-themed jewelry; a claddagh ring may elicit many questions of "Are you Irish?" The style of jewelry you wear will speak volumes about your tastes, likes, and your personality.

Some jewelry styles are more functional or informative than they are stylish. A piece of medical jewelry will alert emergency care workers to any life-threatening illnesses or allergies just in case you can't tell them- but it may not be your idea of high-fashion.

The Jewelry by Style section of JewelryMarketplace offers a peek into the many styles of jewelry. The breakdown of antique jewelry and the styles that arose from the most prominent of ages past will explain the difference between Art Deco jewelry and Edwardian. The breakdown of the most popular styles of ethnic jewelry may introduce you to something new. There is even an example of the various general styles of jewelry, including jewelry worn by pets. Whether you want to adorn yourself, or your furry friend, there is sure to be a style that suits you to a T.

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